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Richmond Park

Dog walking Kingston

Dog walking Kingston


Dog walking in RICHMOND PARK

It can be tough when you can’t fit dog walks into your schedule when really you want the best for your dog. It could be you’re not as active as you once were, or you could be working long hours or antisocial shifts — whatever the reason, The Pet Cab can help by offering dog walking in Richmond Park so your dog can get all the exercise needed for them to stay healthy and aren’t cooped up all day.

Whether you need your dog walking once a day or once a week, we can help.

When your dog starts with our Richmond Park dog walking service, your dog will be paired with a professional dog walker and will get one-hour walkies in a group of no more than four dogs. We only accept sociable dogs because of our group walk format, ensuring that all dogs in the group are safe.

We initially keep all dogs new to our Richmond dog walking groups on leads until we’ve developed a trusting relationship with them. Once this is established, we’ll ask your permission to let them off the lead so they can have fun while we keep an eye on them.

As an additional precaution, your dog will be given a tag with The Pet Cab’s contact details which they must wear during our walks.

Prices for dog walking in Richmond Park

£15 for a one-hour walk (£25 for two dogs)
& Bank Holidays
£18 for a one-hour walk (£33 for two dogs)

Longer walks can also be provided by arrangement.

This calculation is based on customers who live in the Richmond Park (Kingston Gate) area only. You are paying for a one-hour walk so we don’t include any collection or return time. If your dog needs to be transported from another area, there may be a surcharge. Please contact us for details.


£15 for a one-hour walk (£25 for two dogs)